Don't buy a crate engine!

For about the same end money spent, you could have an engine with custom specifications, better performance and a whole lot more attention to details. At ASF the engine will be assembled by the same person that cleaned and machined it, no assembly lines here, strictly hand built. High performance engines are not one size fits all and the worst way to buy an engine is the best way to buy a plasma screen TV.

There are two mantras at ASF Machine: “Clean it, clean it, clean it again and when you're done cleaning it, clean it again.” Now replace the word clean with measure and you get the idea. Both of these aspects must be met before machining begins.

"Do no wrong, so that good may come of it.” This isn't self righteousness but simply the phrase that keeps shortcuts where they belong, the dumpster. We put hours upon hours into planning, cleaning, measuring and machining your engine. All of this happens before the first twist of the key.

Now lets get down to the process:

  1. We discuss what your power and driveability goals are for the vehicle.
  2. We take receipt of your builder core.
  3. Your information is kept in mind during disassembly for failure analysis as we don't simply wish to fix the symptom but also the problem if there was one.
  4. Thorough cleaning of all parts to be machined either in the Sunnen thermal cleaner or the SVM Jet clean. Both are “green” cleaning processes that produce fantastic results in a manner that is friendly to the environment.
  5. Parts are then measured either with Mitutoyo micrometers or Sunnen Bore gages.
  6. Amount of machining required is then discussed with the customer along with availability of new parts such as pistons, rings, bearings, rods, crankshafts and camshafts.
  7. Once parts have been procured your engine is machined for those specific parts.
  8. Everything is then cleaned again.
  9. Assembly mock up for true real world clearances is completed. Any additional parts or machining will be done here.
  10. Everything is then cleaned, again.
  11. Assembly mock up for clearance is done again.
  12. Blocks are plugged and any additional bearings are installed such as balance shaft or cam bearings if applicable.
  13. Short block assembly begins.
  14. Additional parts cleaning.
  15. Short block to long block assembly begins.
  16. Painting or trimming if applicable.
  17. Long block engine is bagged and sealed, ready for pickup.
  18. Once customer has handled engine R&R arrangement we can schedule chassis dyno time for break in, first oil change and proper tuning as an engine is only as strong and reliable as the tune.

All sales final. Due to the custom nature of our business, no returns are accepted.

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