Here at ASF we have Serdi, Rottler, Sunnen and Kwik Way Head and Valve work machines.

From basic valve jobs & deck milling to all out big valve ported and polished mega flow heads. Between the Superflow dyno and Superflow flow bench, we've got our angles covered as far as knowing and discovering what works in cylinder head port design & cam profile. Without those two tools, you are simply making ports bigger which could hurt charge velocity and cylinder charge balance.


We house an SVM high pressure water based detergent Jet Clean for use on aluminum heads along with a Sunnen Thermal Clean for use on steel and iron. Your heads will clean up like new castings.

Deck Finish

Our Rottler milling machine can produce that proper surface finish with unequaled flatness to help those MLS gaskets seal under high compression or boost. Steer clear of grinding or sanding deck surfaces as PCD and CBN insert cutters produce a superior finish.

Valve Sealing

Our Serdi 60 produces a concentric and high performance seat profile for ultimate valve sealing and superior air flow.

From Subaru's EJ257 STI to GM's L92 or LS2 heads, we've got you covered.

All sales final. Due to the custom nature of our business, no returns are accepted.

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