Cleanliness, oil control and ring seal are three main areas of cylinder block preparation. Smokey Yunick often referred to the cylinder block a simply a carrying case, while this is true to some degree, without ring seal and oil control it's an expensive useless carrying case.

We can stroker clearance your block, we can resize your bore, sleeve your block, set your deck height and straighten your housing bore.



Utilizing a Sunnen thermal cleaner, an SVM jet clean, bore brushes and plenty of elbow grease, we can free your block of the sludge or any other contaminants.

Oil Control

Proper oil management is required to spin higher than stock RPM. When preparing you block we make sure oil flow and control your block has fits your goal and use, if it doesn't we make sure it does, we can do stuff like that, we're a machine shop.

Ring Seal

Ultimate ring seal is what you're after when it comes to bore preparation. Torque plate honing on a Sunnen CV616 produces a nice straight bore and with a plateau finish you will have minimal blow by even during break in.

All sales final. Due to the custom nature of our business, no returns are accepted.

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